Nature’s Color Box

“Nature always wears the colors of the Spirit.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love the vibrant colors that are popping up with Spring!




Nature’s Art

Looking at these beautiful orchids has caused me to stop and observe the details.  It’s like a quiet moment of meditation between me and the art of nature.  It sounds cliche, but honestly it makes me feel peaceful inside.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!



Peace 1 wmPeace 2 wmPeace 3 wm


One area I am continuously practicing is finding gratitude and joy throughout my day. This has opened my eyes to see that there are truly blessings even during difficult times or moments….being thankful for the journey that is given. Happy Monday everyone!



Gratitude Joy Quote wm

Beauty in Imperfection

It’s beginning to warm up here and show signs of Spring.  I was motivated to get out and capture some of nature’s beauty.  This past year has been extremely busy for me with going back to work full time as a special education teacher.  I have been given the opportunity to learn how to create balance between work, family, and my passion of nature photography.  I plan on posting more pictures throughout the week so I would love for you to come back and visit me! xoxo-ChristinaFuschia Orchid 1 wm copy

Homeschool Days

We have reached six weeks since I’ve started homeschooling my fourth grader. I find it more inspiring to chunk the homeschooling into sections rather than looking at the whole year. 🙂 I have four children divided into three completely different types of schools. My oldest is in the public school, we’re homeschooling my fourth grader, and my two youngest attend a nature-based charter school. I have found that it takes dedication, organization, and sometimes an internal push to get through the homeschool day. However, I am truly loving it! I enjoy not only spending more time with my son but feel honored to see first-hand his progress in many areas. Since he’s home, we’ve been able to add a music lesson once a week along with his curriculum. I have an old upright piano, which is from the earlier 1900’s, that belonged to my father’s cousin. I played this same piano growing up and it’s heartwarming to see it loved by my son.
Homeschooling hasn’t left me with much time to write here on my blog or post on my Facebook page. I do have some projects that I’m working on and I hope to share those very soon! I’m constantly looking for that balance in time. 🙂

I purposefully shot the photo below in a high ISO because I felt more grain in the picture would help capture the true age of this beautiful instrument. I think sometimes we toss a picture, or may be disappointed in it, due to the grain (or noise) in the photo. I used to say, “Oh! That would be perfect if it didn’t have a lot of grain.” However, different lighting, different experiences, different moments are captured in the purest sense that they are meant to be. I feel it’s better to embrace it and see the history of those moments.

Since it is a dreary cloudy day, the low lighting helped me out today. 🙂 Shot with my 100mm lens, f.stop 2.8, ISO 2500


piano 1