Where do you find your inspiration? It doesn’t have to be anything related to photography, I just like to hear from you where it leads you in life. It’s so easy to create patterns in our lives whether it’s through something that inspires us or through something completely different that we hope to never follow. We may fall somewhere in the middle of that too. I think all three paths have led me at one time or another. So…..I started really thinking about what inspires me. This had to do with my photography but also in life. What areas am I wanting to create more of? I know when we put a lot of thoughts towards one area, we can easily create more of “that” in our lives. Was I (am I) thinking the way I want my life to be? This is truly an area I think on daily. 🙂
For my photography, I asked myself over and over what was inspiring me. What was it about photography that I loved, that sparked my heart to shoot? Time and time again I came back to the same inner answer-Nature. Nature that beholds the natural beauty all around us. The here and now of Nature. The history of time’s past of Nature. There are so many things that can unfold when we really look at what is around us.

I’m certain I’ve posted this picture in an old post, but it is one of my favorites. I believe it is the last tower of an old mill in our little town, Belmont. I climbed the broken steps to reach the right point I wanted to capture in this photo. I love this photo for many reasons. I maneuvered my way around until I had the composition just right-the old mill tower framed with the tree. You would never know that a main road is directly behind it, homes to the side of it, and our main street in front of it. When I look at the picture, I’m reminded of a time long a go when this was a functioning mill town and am reminded of the tracks that end right before it. I can get lost in the memory of its history. To me, that’s what photography is about. When you glimpse at a photograph, what does it say to you? It’s an area that I am hoping to constantly improve upon.

Old Mill 1 wm

Hugs for an inspiring weekend,


4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Christina I love the backstory of the photo. I am usually inspired by something I’ve read or seen or experienced. I keep a bunch of ‘ideas’ for posts in my drafts section. I think ideas are drawn to us when we are in a good place. ♥

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