It’s in the Details

Oh, how I love a detail shot. Looking through a tree to find the one leaf that is hidden in the middle so it shows the contrast in light from the leaves above and the ones below. Walking in a slow circle around a flower until I feel the composition is just right to express its true beauty. Seeing a tiny, tiny flower on a big shrub and know that it will just pop with my macro lens.
I love the detail shots, the ones where the composition is simple but full at the same time.
I shot these pictures last night at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden while walking around enjoying the ZimSculpt exhibit with terrific friends. I honestly have never taken a picture of clouds before but a thunderstorm had just come through and I liked the contrast of light to dark clouds. I found it interesting that I could stand in the exact same spot and, with moving very slightly, could get a completly different shot of composition of colors. I think it’s definitely something that I’ll play around with some more.

Hugs to all for a wonderful weekend!
wm 1

wm 2

wm 3

wm 4

wm 5

wm 6

wm 7


3 thoughts on “It’s in the Details

  1. The picture of your leaf: Did you notice how the water droplets almost form a perfect sphere on the leaf? That is an example of surface tension of the water, very high…72 dynes per centimeter…

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