I had the pleasure of visiting Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens last night to see the Zimbabwean Sculpture exhibit-ZimSculpt. It was breath taking! Each piece that is carefully placed around the gardens was hand made using a chisel, hammer, points, rasps, and chasing hammers from one piece of stone. You’ll notice the different textures and colors on some of the pieces based on how the artist sculpted and sanded the layers of the stone. Each piece is unique to the artist’s vision and you will not find two alike. The pieces are made from four generations of artists raging in age of 16 to 100 years old. All pieces in the garden are for sale and will be on exhibit until the end of September. If you’re local, I highly recommend going to see this magnificent exhibit! If you are not local and would like to find more information, their website is: http://www.zimsculpt.com.


wm 1

wm 2

wm 3

wm 4

wm 5

wm 6

wm 7

wm 8

wm 9

wm 10

wm 11

wm 12

wm 13

wm 14

wm 15

wm 16

wm 17

wm 19

wm 20

wm 21

wm 22

wm 23

wm 24


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