Lifting One Another Up

As I sit at my computer reading through WordPress blogs, I feel inspired and in awe at how many incredibly talented blogs are out there! The stories, the pictures, lessons on life, tidbits of knowledge, recipes, the list goes on and on. What gave me goosebumps was the genuine, love filled comments from others. How we have this blogging community of interconnectedness of lifting each other up. How much better the world would be if we could help transfer that into daily lives….around the world, lifting each other up? Just beautiful, amazing, and certainly inspiring.

Hugs to all!
Grateful 2 wm


3 thoughts on “Lifting One Another Up

  1. I totally agree with you Christina! If we would somehow transfer that positive and uplifting spirit most of us share through our blogs to every day life it would be a wonderful thing. Like a quote I’ve seen somewhere on someone’s blog and maybe you have to ;=) “Be the change you want to see” Let’s simply start with us. It may not seem big or that it would make a lot of difference but hey it could only make life that much better huh? Well thanks for sharing . Beautiful photograph by the way ;=)

    Be A Blessing!


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