Making Changes

Have you ever had that little nudge? That little inner voice that seems to be guiding you in one direction but life is so busy that you keep turning in another direction? It’s so easy to keep following one path when you know, want, maybe even need a change. For a while now, I’ve had that little nudge. I’ve ignored it and kept along my path saying how busy my life was (I do have four kids 🙂 ) and I’ll make that change when things lighten up a bit. Hmmmmm…..that time never seems to come. After doing some soul searching, I have finally realized that I need to create the change I want in my own life. I need to be my own leader. There is no time, no event, no person that is going to guide me in the direction that my heart is telling me to go. So…..about a month a go I sent an e-mail out to all of my clients, plus the new ones that I had booked through October, thanked them for being such wonderful clients but that I was no longer shooting family sessions. Whew. It was a tough letter to write and even tougher to hit send. I have some terrific clients and I have LOVED sharing in milestones. After the initial panic :-), I all of a sudden felt lighter. I knew I had made the right decision….right? 🙂
So, what are you going to do now? I’ve had that question pop up around me and my answer is…..a new start. A fresh start. Turning my photography towards the way of my little nudge inside. What does that mean? I honestly don’t know 100 percent but I am faithfully trusting that my doors and progress as an artist are going to open up. I have no doubt there because when you listen, truly hear the little messages that pop up around you, then make a move towards that path you will not be failed. Of course there will be new learning curves, new lessons, people to come and go from your lives, but how awesome of an opportunity that you give yourself when you step out of your comfort zone. That’s what I’ve done….stepped out of my box. 🙂
For starters, I just opened an Etsy shop which I will post soon. As soon as I figure out how to get that link on here! I have some new pieces I’m shooting and would like to share. I have more blogging in mind and photography tips that I would like to share with you. I hope you come back to my blog, my new “under construction” blog, as you see the new path evolve!

Hugs to all,

This is one of the pictures that I just listed in my Etsy shop. Right now, I have hand made notecards ready to ship with this print. I will also be selling prints of this picture soon. 🙂
Growth 2 wm for website


6 thoughts on “Making Changes

  1. You know that I will be ordering that print when you post it! It’s one of those that speaks to me 🙂 I love that you are honoring that “nudge” even when you don’t fully know where it will take you. That seems to be my life lesson too: Trust. Congratulations on this new venture! Love you 💞

  2. Wish you the best with the new path. Be careful with Etsy and price your things understanding there is a 3.5 % transaction fee on top of everything from Etsy. A lot of artists are not using Etsy anymore and launching there own web sites. I work with and love them selling three times as much on my website.
    You do gorgeous photography listen to that nudging loving shove. ❤

  3. Can we chat one day? If you are doing notecards, let me show you what’s new with SOC. Email me when you get a chance as I think it might be interesting for you! xoxo And if not, then at least we can say hello again. You have such an incredible eye for beauty. I am happy that you have not stopped photography. ♥

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