Preschool Graduation

My daughter is the youngest of my four children. She is graduating from preschool next month and moving on to Kindergarten. Can’t believe she’s my last one! I’ll miss getting to spend so much time with her during the day.
I was fortunate enough to take the cap and gown photos of each child this month. They are a delite! I don’t feel comfortable posting the other children’s pictures since this was different than a typical session for me. So I’m going to just post a couple pictures of my daughter. Time really does fly by when they are so young.

wm 1

wm 2


3 thoughts on “Preschool Graduation

  1. Aww.. the top one is so sweet and I luv how the second one shows her serious side. Ah yes, they grow too fast. I can hardly fathom that my youngest is over 6-feet tall now. When the heck did that happen? Those other parents are sure lucky to have you doing the photos of their children too. Thanks for sharing your talented photographer’s eye here. Hugs, Gina

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