Happy Easter

Happy belated Easter to everyone! I wanted to do something light and fun for Easter pictures this year. I met this wonderful lady, who is a Kindergarten teacher, but also has a set of Polish Chickens as well as a rescued rabbit and baby chicks. She was kind enough to set up an afternoon for me to schedule Easter mini sessions. I wanted it to be truly organic for the kids. Nothing posed, nothing staged. Just pure fun of sitting and interacting with the animals. It was wonderful seeing the kid’s expressions as a few baby chicks where placed in their laps. This was a terrific afternoon!

wm 1

wm 2

wm 3

wm 4

wm 5

wm 6

wm 7

wm 8

wm 9

wm 10


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. What gorgeous photos from your casual ‘unstaged’ afternoon. And what a fun woman to visit with! Love the pic of her with her 2 ‘shoulder ornaments’. Those chicken are adorable! Thanks for this really sweet share. All these photos are heart-warming. Cheers, Gina

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