Joy in Memories

This month I’ve given myself the challenge of photographing something that represents Joy. I didn’t really think about it too much and knew that if I brought my awareness up to what I was looking at through my lens, that the image would come to me. Today, when I walked into Whole Foods, I saw the Pussy Willow branches. I immediately scooped up two of the bundles. My grandmother used to always have these branches in her house. Every time we visited her, there would be a couple of branches and I would get to leave with one of my own. I began to cherish these moments when I visited her. The last time I saw her, she gave one to my oldest son, who was young at the time. Even he associates the tree with my grandmother. 🙂 We had just planted a Pussy Willow tree last weekend in the yard and he said, “When they bloom, we should cut some branches and put them inside so we can think of your grandmother.” It brought me joy today to be able to find these branches and put them in a vase in my entryway. There definitely is joy in memories.

wm joy 1

wm joy 2

wm joy 3

wm joy 4

wm joy 5


2 thoughts on “Joy in Memories

  1. I love this post, I love the photos, and I completely agree about joy being found in some memories. PS- just came to me that one of these would be a beautiful addition to the frames in MC’s room. AND it would bring the spirit of those joyful memories into that room 🙂

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