It’s in The Way We Look at It

Moving along my path of taking more soulful pictures, I realize that it is important for me to slow down. I have four children and a very busy lifestyle. My house is far from being a quiet one. 🙂 I’m always looking for that balance. Giving myself the permission to slow down, breathe, find even five minutes to meditate has a long lasting affect on my mood for the day. It opens up my perspective in seeing…truly seeing what is around me in a different way. Yesterday while I was getting dressed, I noticed my father’s orchid in our bathroom window. This orchid has been there for over a year and is in bloom year-round. However, I noticed how the light was hitting it and thought how beautiful it looked. Why not take a picture, I thought. So, I grabbed my camera, stopped to close my eyes, and breathed in and out for a few moments. Then, I looked through the eye piece and took the pictures slower. I chose this quote to add to the first photo because it has meaning to me. I hope it has meaning to you. This is one area that brings me inner peace.

wm peace 1

wm peace 2

wm peace 3

wm peace 4

wm peace 5


3 thoughts on “It’s in The Way We Look at It

  1. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this lovely post, with a perfect quote and your photos of these exquisite blooms. Life is truly wonderful if we choose to see it that way. Thanks again for this sweet reminder! 🙂 Hugs, Gina

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