My Girl

These two pictures are of my daughter, the youngest of four kids. She has a lot of spunk! You’ll notice her little front missing tooth. She had fallen and damaged her front tooth and lost it. Just this last week, the dentist put in a temporary fake little baby tooth to hold her spot until she’s big enough for her permanent tooth to come down. I had to get this picture in while she still had a missing tooth. 🙂
Next week, I’m taking pictures at her preschool. I’m very excited to see the kids! The little ones are always a lot of fun!
I’ll have to get some pictures of my boys posted soon. 🙂

wm 1

wm 2


2 thoughts on “My Girl

  1. What a lovely age! I bumped my mouth on the bath and lost my front tooth a bit early too. My Dad was ‘supervising’ at the time so got in quite a bit of trouble from my Mum. Luckily no harm was done and the new one came down OK in it’s own time, Keep smiling.

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