Little Caterpillar

Caterpillar wmI have a small vegetable garden (I’m a vegetarian 🙂 ) in my backyard. I just went out to cut some fresh tomatoes and do some weeding and found this little caterpillar. I have never seen the little white purplish (I’m sure that’s the scientific name for it! ha ha ha) “things” sticking out of one before. Does anybody know what that is or why? Just curious!


8 thoughts on “Little Caterpillar

  1. Hi Bees Knees! We have (had) tomato plants here too and that is a Horned Tomato Caterpillar, which eats tomato plants. On its back are egg sacks put there by (gulp) a wasp. It’s so disgusting but that’s what they do. So, therefore, the caterpillar is playing host, and dying, because of the wasps. I can’t stand the caterpillars but hate the thought of them dying so gruesomely, so I usually dispose of them. Sounds weird, I know, but that’s how I roll.

    • Hi PK-WOW!!! Thank you for the information! That is way way past my comfort zone. 🙂 I have never seen anything like that before but this is also the first time I have planted tomato plants. I did go ahead and get rid of it. The last thing I need is not only to have my plant eaten up but for tiny wasps to be buzzing around too. I’m so glad I posted this and got this information! It has been a year for strange bugs around here. We have Cow Killers roaming our yard, fire ants galore, and then uncovered recently a yellow jacket nest in our backyard.
      Thanks for your note!

      • That’s a lot of bugs! You’re in NC? What a really weird year for weather AND insects. Makes me worry a little about the winter coming up.

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