Antiques wm

Belmont General Store Barrel wm

City of Belmont wm

End of the rail road wm

Mill Street wm

Old Mill 1 wm

Old Mill 2 wm

rail road sign wm

Train Depot 1 wm

Train Depot 2 wm

Train Depot 3 wm

Train For Sale

Welcome to Belmont wm

Jailhouse sign wm

Main St 2 wm

Railroad sign wm

Stowe Mercantile Co 2 wm

Stowe wmWe live in a small town where main street still has independently owned stores that are supported by our community. We have one old mill that still stands right behind main street and the rail road tracks that once went to it are now all covered up with grass and weeds. We have an old train depot that still stands (but is also now for sale) that sits just to the side. There’s a lot of history in our little town and I enjoyed getting out to snap a few pictures today in between our rainstorms. Happy Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Belmont

  1. Did not realize you’re from Belmont, NC – I’m from Hickory, NC! Howdy neighbor! (Although I live in Texas now…)

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