In The Name of Development

old farm house wm 2

old farm house wm 3

old farm house wm 4

old farm house wm 5

old farm house wm 6

old farm house wm 7We live in a small mill town. There are a couple of original mills that still stand, however, most have been torn down for new neighborhoods. Our little town has an original old farm-house with beautiful cherry trees that bloom every spring. It’s become a tradition of families to go and take their Easter or Spring pictures by the trees and the old farm-house. One of the family members that owns the land has now sold it to build 700 homes. It breaks my heart a little to think as I round the little bend I will no longer see the old farm house that stood as a symbol of what once was in our little town.


5 thoughts on “In The Name of Development

  1. That is a true shame! Why does all that history and beauty have to be dismissed so quickly to make room for nothing special. So sorry for the loss, Christina.

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