Summer Fun

Dragonfly 1 wm

Dragonfly 2 wm

Dragonfly on baseball wm

Ethan 1 wm

Ethan 2 wm

Ethan 3 wm

Ethan 4 wm

Ethan 5 wm

Ezra 1 wm

Ezra 2 wm

Ezra 3 wm

Ezra 4 wm

Ezra 5 wm

Fantastic Four 1 wm

Logan 1 wm

Logan 2 wm

Logan 3 wm

Mary 1 wm

Mary 2 wm

Mary 3 wm

on the rocks 1 wm

The Beach 1 wm

The Beach 2 wm

Waterfall 1 wm

Waterfall 2 wm

waterfall 3 wm
It was a nice, sunny day here so the kids and I headed up to Lake Norman to one of their parks. We had a picnic with a friend, the kids played baseball, walked to the playground and ended playing on the beach area. It was a perfect summer day for kids!


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