What Is Your ISO Speed?

So, you want to shoot more on manual and get off of the automatic setting?  Have you been working on adjusting your f-stop or aperture? A long time a go I made a post on the importance of adjusting your f-stop.  If you missed the post and would like to read it, please click here http://beeskneesphotographync.com/2012/06/19/whats-your-f-stop/.

Another essential step in nailing the exposure of your photo is setting  your ISO speed.  Your ISO number makes your camera more sensitive to light and can give you brighter images.  Just be careful, when you crank your ISO speed up you will have more noise or grain in your photos.  For some photos, it truly creates that mood you’re trying to capture.

Some basic rules of ISO settings are such:

Indoors (low light): ISO 800-1600

Open Shade outside (such as on a porch or shooting in the shade of a tree): ISO 200

Full Sun: ISO 100

Cloudy: ISO 400

Magic Hour (the hour before the sun sets): ISO 400-800

Of course, these are “basic rules” and I don’t always follow these.  🙂 As you gain more confidence, you’ll adjust quickly and comfortably to your settings.

Here are some examples…

I shot this photo inside with the use of natural light coming from a side window.  ISO was 400 since I had some nice open light from the window:

Girls baseball hat wm

This is another photo taken indoors using only natural, filtered light through a window.  The ISO setting was 800.

soap bag wm

This photo was snapped in the middle of the day, a bright sunny day.  I set up a big market umbrella and waited for him to run past the open shade.  The ISO setting is 100.

E wm

This picture was taken a couple of hours before the Magic Hour so it was still pretty bright. The ISO setting is 200.

watermark 1

Don’t you just love those late day naps on the couch? My daughter fell asleep and it was pretty dim in the room.  Very little natural light so my ISO speed was 2000.

late day nap wm

I hope this helps you in understanding how to adjust your ISO setting for help in nailing your exposure. I would love to see your photos as well! Please share your website with me in the comments so I may visit you.



4 thoughts on “What Is Your ISO Speed?

    • Hi Luke! I think it’s wonderful that you are working on shooting more in manual with adjusting you ISO speed and your f-stop. The more you adjust it yourself, you will become so quick that you won’t even have to think about it! I’m working on my next post which is on White Balance and how to adjust that in your photos. It was terrific hearing from you!

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