A Diva & 3 Dudes Design

I’m very excited to bring you the next Snapshot of a local business, right here in Belmont, N.C.  It’s no surprise I get mighty excited over anything photography. 🙂  Lisa Cameron is the creator and owner of A Diva & 3 Dudes Design.  She creates beautiful camera straps that has a pocket on the end for you to put your lens cap in.  That’s right-no more looking around wondering where you stuck it.  Oh, wait, that’s me!  This is a very small sampling of the designs she has.  I encourage you to visit her links listed below.  Click her Etsy page to directly go and see all the wonderful straps she currently has available.  I recommend you also “like” A Diva & 3 Dudes Design on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any specials or new fabrics she is posting.  I know you will enjoy your custom strap as much as I am loving mine!

Etsy Shop:


Facebook Page:





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