Sweet Grass Baskets

I promise this is the last Charleston post…..for a while.  🙂  I truly love the Southern charm and history that is all-encompassing in Charleston.  I don’t think I could ever tire of visiting or taking pictures there.  One thing that is unique to Charleston is the Sweet Grass Baskets.  It is a long African tradition that has been passed down many generations.  They are handmade baskets from the sweet grass that grows in Charleston.  They are woven tightly, by hand, and a small basket will take about 10 hours to make.  The large ones can take weeks.  If you have the chance to visit Charleston, they are worth the money to get one.  They smell wonderfully as well!  I regret I don’t have a lot of pictures of them.  A couple of times when I tried to shoot, I was greeted with a “no pictures!!”  I respected that.  This is a lively hood for many of the people who sell them.  I asked permission for these photos that I share and the slightly blurry one is taken while riding on a horse-drawn carriage.  A little bumpy to stabilize a camera.  🙂


s grass basket 1 wm s grass basket 2 wm Sweetgrass baskets 1 wm Sweetgrass baskets 2 wm Sweetgrass baskets 3 wm Sweetgrass baskets 4 wm Sweetgrass baskets 5 wm


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