Angel Oak

We recently visited Charleston for the weekend.  I love Charleston and all of its history!  This time, we took our children with us since it was my oldest son’s birthday.  Yup, he turned 13.  We officially have a teenager in the house now. Yikes! 🙂 One of the places he wanted to go for his birthday was to see the Angel Oak tree.  It’s located 12 miles from downtown Charleston on Johns Island.  The land where the Angel Oak sits is now owned by Charleston and it is free to visit and take pictures.  It’s tough to honor this tree through a photograph.  It is between 500-1500 years old.  The height of this magnificent tree is 65 feet tall with its limbs offering 17,000 square feet of shade.  It’s a Southern Live Oak and is one of oldest living things in the USA.  If you are down in Charleston, I highly recommend you visiting it.


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7 thoughts on “Angel Oak

  1. Just beautiful. I was randomly looking for some examples of ‘botanical’ posts – this one is absolutely beautiful Christina – what an extraordinary tree – the stories it could tell… How wonderful that your son wanted to see this tree for his birthday – I think you may have hatched a good one there- well done.

    • Thank you so very much for your kind comment! I also stood there in awe of the tree, thinking of all the stories it could tell. So many years of experience there. Thank you for being so sweet about my son as well! He’s asked me for a large print to hang in his room. He is a unique child for sure. 🙂

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