Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Yesterday our family went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden with some wonderful friends. Not only is it a beautiful place to visit, but they were having a few special events of the day.  To begin, the local beekeeper’s were there giving a lesson on the importance bees play in our environment (as well as selling their delicious local honey).  I have read that eating a teaspoon of local honey every day will help reduce your allergies.  So, I bought a bottle and am going to give it try.  I’ll let you know how it works!  There were also wildlife researchers catching, banding, and releasing hummingbirds.  It was a terrific experience getting to see these beautiful birds up close!  One event the kids really seemed to like was getting to see the butterflies up close.  In the far back of the garden, they had a tent set up where you could walk through and have the butterflies land on you.  We made it half way there and the kids tired out.  🙂  It was quite hot but the butterfly exhibit will be going on until the beginning of September.  I hope to make it back there with the kids! I hope you enjoy this photo blog.  🙂













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