A Love of Nature

I have always loved nature.  Especially everything botanical.  There is something magical in seeing what God has created for us to enjoy.  One of my favorite places to go is our local botanical garden-Daniel Stowe botanical Garden.  It is simply beautiful there.  They have “Summer of Color” going on right now with all of the reds, purples, yellows, oranges, and whites.

Since my father has recovered from having knee surgery (and can now walk without pain) I thought it would be fun to take him there over this past weekend.  He loves orchids and they have an orchid conservatory that is stunning.

My favorite lens these days is my Macro.  Not only do I use it when shooting flowers, I often use it for portrait shots.  I love the clarity in detail and the crisp image that it provides.  As you can tell, I also love Bokeh.  🙂




7 thoughts on “A Love of Nature

  1. Wow! These are incredible macro shots. I’m not sure if people realize how hard these are to attain.. if they are not photographers. My husband is, and I witness his process enough to truly admire what you have done here. Thank you so much for sharing these incredible shots.

  2. Orchids are my favorite flowers also, and you captured all of these beautiful flowers so brilliantly.
    I’m so glad you checked out my blog so now I know to check here often to see your beautiful work!! Thanks!

  3. Your work is beautiful! I saw the name of your company on a beautiful photo of my son at an ultimate disc game. Do you have any other shots of Isaiah Bryant, # 10, of the Connecticut Constitution? did you take any action shots?

    • Hi Ellen! Thank you for visiting my site. There are quite a few of Bees Knees Photography names out there-some are slightly different. I wasn’t the one who took the pictures at the ultimate disc game with your son. I’m sorry! I hope you are able to locate the photographer who did so you can get some good action shots from him. It sounds like it was a lot of fun!

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