A Snapshot of Joyful Mama Designs

I am a big fan of independently owned and operated small businesses.  As our society grows with department stores and malls  some small business have had to go out of business.  However, there are a lot still thriving in our community (and I’m sure across the country!).  I think it’s important to not only recognize them but to support them.  Some of these local business can be supported across the country because of their talents and skills.  This “Snapshot” is one of those.  Maria Hartemann of Joyful Mama Designs is one very talented lady.  Her talents truly have no end.  She started with crocheting hats, scarves, purses, bracelets and continued to grow with beautiful pillowcase dresses and reversible dresses for girls of all ages. She is unique in her designs with adding her own personal touch.  On her pillowcase dresses, she adds a final row of crochet trim.  It really finishes off the dress with a classic, vintage look.  A favorite of mine.  I am in love with her creations! Maria not only will design her own dresses, hats, scarves, etc. but she fills a lot of custom orders.  Please check our her website to see some of her current items and to help support independently owned businesses.

Even though she is local, there is good news! She ships anywhere and believe me, you will never be disappointed in what she has made.  Check her out, I guarantee you will love her work as much as all of her current customers do.



2 thoughts on “A Snapshot of Joyful Mama Designs

  1. Oh my gosh! I am blushing! Partly because that is a huge picture of my face 😉 but the bigger part is that I am so honored that you would even think to do this! You know how I feel about your photography. You are a truly talented photographer and your natural ability to capture those joyful moments in children is a blessing. Thank you for this post 🙂

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